“Thread” by Sopo Kashakashvili took place in the Drachenburgpark in Frankfurt am Main 


As I first arrived to the park to meet Sopo, an eagle was standing in one of the wooden pillars we chose to make the show. I have never seen an eagle so close in my life and I took their presence in the preparation of the show as an amazing gift. These little details give me trust in the things we are doing and we shared this with Sopo.

We planned with her this show for months and then decided spontaneously to do it on a day that the sun shone in Frankfurt, after many weeks of rainy days. Graving the opportunity of the good weather as it presented for us, makes a fundamental part of this project, that needs to be super attentive to its surroundings as it’s most of the time in open public space.

That day the yellow leaves were just laying on the floor, making a beautiful contrast with the red threads sopo spread around the park.

Some people had to deviate their normal path in the park because of the fine red threads. Some appreciated this deviation and some were a bit angry, as if the effort of taking some more seconds to follow a new path was unbearable for them. That made me think on how structured we are and how difficult is changing paths sometimes.

I’m glad of having shared my path with Sopo and everyone who came visiting that day.

Until next time


This edition of the project is kindly supported by the Frankfurt Kulturamt #kulturamtfrankfurt