On Saturday 21.05.2022 Sebastián Garbrecht showed his painting 'Hidden Keys' in a traffic sign for boats next to the river in Offenbach am Main, Germany.

This was the first exhibition of the project Cards. We used magnets to hang the work from a sign that is why the show was called Magnet. We chose the name because of the importance of the things that support the work. This time it was a magnet, but the show is also supported by the friends who help produce it, the people who came, seba's trust, the catering of bread and Grüne Soße, the Apfelwein, the beers, the flyer, the people who took pictures (thanks to @maglionetomas @victorzaiden and @lukas_suender), the cameras, the cell phones, the bluetooth speaker and the traffic sign. All the stuff needed for the show fit in a couple of backpacks. The minimum level of what is needed to make a show. there I found a strong reference to @juliansorter "chiquita" and the whole tradition of doing it with what you have in hand.