CONCEPT "Cards" is an experimental art project with recurring exhibitions in public space, curated by Andrés Gorzycki. Each time a contemporary artist is invited to show a work of art in a new public space for one day. The first exhibition of this project took place in May 2022 with the artist Sebastián Garbrecht. It was followed by collaborations with Alina Perkins, Clyde Conwell, Maximiliano Siñani, Blaykyi Kenyah, Tomas Maglione, Mia Superstar, Felipe Alvarez Parisi, Commune 6x3, Jack Brennan, Sopo Kashakashvili, Lisa Gutscher, Nina Nadig, Gašper Kunšič, Rahel Goetsch, Yuxiu Xiong, Tong Yang, Hemansingh Lutchmun and Barbi Latina.

Each exhibition takes place in different locations, lesser known and unexpected venues such as the shore of the Main River, a traffic sign, or a bench in a park. This has the intention to create new contexts where artists* can experiment and rethink their work. Another goal is to challenge the boundaries of curatorial practices by encouraging the spontaneity with which an exhibition can be organized just days after a studio visit, free from the demands and constraints of traditional curatorial processes. It also emphasizes the performative aspects of an exhibition, as the occupation of public space in itself creates a performative context, as do the ephemeral actions and gestures of artists* such as David Hammons, Guerrilla Girls, Francis Alÿs, Jenny Holzer, Anna Maria Maiolino and Alberto Greco, among others. By emphasizing these open possibilities for experimentation and promoting this direct attitude towards the city and art practice, "Cards" strives to change our perception of art and its role in public spaces.

Visual identity is also an important part of the project, which is why the name "Cards" comes from the trading card designs used for the posters, such as YuGiOh, Pokémon or Magic the Gathering. The project is aimed at a broad and diverse audience, mainly art enthusiasts and people interested in experimental art practices. In addition, the project aims to open up new audiences for contemporary art and encourage unconventional interactions with artworks, as the artists* are always present at the exhibition and the audience has direct access to them.